Tuesday Kids Music at Freddies

6 - 8 pm, May - June 11.
Guest Performer

This year, Nick and I will host the Kids Music Nights Series at Freddies Place - 1703 S First - from 6 - 8pm, May 7 - June 11.
Come have a great meal on the patio while Amber and Nick entertain the kids with bubbles, balloons,

games and our popular kids open mic.
Also, we'll feature a different children's musician each week at 7:00pm.
After that, we'll get out the twisty balloons and bubbles. Then it's time to join us on stage for dancin' and drumin' to music from the 20's, 40's and and 50's. Moms and dads welcome to dance and drum too!
Best regards,
- "Stay Young"